I’m a tinkerer, and I like messing around with Linux and KDE. Right now I’m working towards my Bachelors in Information Science. My resume is located here.

I like to play games, such as FFXIV and VRChat. Almost all of my gaming happens on a Linux machine as well. I also really like enjoy TF2.

I like to program stuff, and I have a list of projects located here. I believe in having good cross-platform support, so you’ll notice that is the goal for many of my projects such as Prism and Astra. I really, really like Vulkan as well. I believe in free software, so almost all of my work is open-sourced under MIT or GPLv3. Even this website’s source code is available here!

PCSS in action
"PCSS in action" from Prism.

I like to use Linux, my two distributions of choice are Arch Linux and Gentoo. You can also see the PKGBUILDs for the AUR packages I maintain here. I contribute some to KDE as well!

I like to make art, a lot of which is already hosted here on this website. I use a mix of Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Blender and Procreate. I really like to draw cute characters, and the occassional set or landscape.

after the rain
"after the rain"