Hello! I draw, paint, and program stuff. I’m a FOSS, Linux and KDE enthusiast. Right now I’m working towards my Bachelors in Information Science. I play FFXIV, VRChat and several RPGs.

Contact and Other Sites

My Art

I’m an avid artist, and I specialize in character design, illustration and sometimes landscapes. You can check out more of my work in the Gallery!

Eleanor - Dragalia Lost Girl Drinking Water

My current software is Procreate, but I have worked in Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint and Krita. My work is mostly digital, but I have done oil paint and of course tons of pencil.

I also dabble in Blender, and even started creating a character:

Sakura VRChat Avatar

My Programming

I can program games, tools, and even websites! Like, the website you’re reading right now.

I’m most proficient in C++ and C. The best showcase of my skill is in Prism, my game engine. It features a large, properly architectured codebase with PBR/IBL features. It can run on Khronos Vulkan and Apple’s Metal!

PCSS in action

I’m also experienced in Swift and macOS development, and have built my own tool - Silica Viewer. This fills a niche, but practical problem for a lot of artists that own a Mac, but can’t view their Procreate files on them. It’s also availabe on the Mac App Store!

You can find even more of my programming projects here.