This is the place to find my longer-form written up articles, which range from talking about some cool feature I contributed to anime and figure reviews. Take a look at my notes as well, which are shorter and even more informal write ups.

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Title Summary Date
Figure Review: YoRHa No. 2 Type B Illustrious (FLARE Reissue) Today we’re reviewing the Flare reissue of the YoRHa No. 2 Type B released by Square Enix, a company that despite being very, very controlling of their merchandise has the absolute worst online store ever.
Prism Changelog: May 2021 to March 2022

It’s uh, been a while since the last Prism changelog :-) Haha, well there’s as always a ton of interesting changes to go over!

Opening KAddressBook Addresses With KDE Marble This is probably the most specific use case I’ll ever post on this blog :-p I noticed whenever I click an address in KAddressBook, it opens it in OpenStreetMap in your web browser by default.
Vulkan Portability Initiative: The Death of My GFX Abstractions? In under an hour, I was able to port my already existing Vulkan code from Prism to Metal using MoltenVK. Here’s a screenshot (very exciting): To clarify, Prism running on macOS is nothing new.
Figure Review: Mari Makinami Illustrious (Sega LPM) Hello again! This is my figure review of the Mari Figure from Sega. She was released around 2020 as a prize figure celebrating the launch of “Evangelion 3.0+1.0”, before it got pushed back to 2021.
Prism Changelog: Feburary and April 2021 These two months contain some pretty big changes I made to Prism, following a short hiatus from the project. These include some pretty important changes to the project moving forward and I hope to keep documenting these in this nice and concise, visual way in the future!