A blog??

Is it actually possible to break even on the App Store?

This is a retrospective of one of my more successful projects and first paid program, Silica Viewer.

Lack of updates is not a bad thing

If you’ve been a part of any language that upheaves the traditional C way of pulling in dependencies, like Rust or Go - you might have heard of this statement before, or something like it:

Artists Need More Personal Websites

As an artist, I didn’t really see the value of burdening myself with a website until I actually did it.

Graphics Dump: Mesa, Vulkan and DRM

The Linux graphics stack is a complex mechanism of many projects that function in unison to deliver images to your screen. How do they work?

Thoughts on "Fediblocking"

This is a continuation of my ‘Thoughts and Tips on Mastodon", today we’ll focus on blocking servers from federation.

Thoughts and Tips on Mastodon

Seeing the “collapse” of Twitter (although that’s overstated) means a lot more people are joining Mastodon so I wanted to collect all of my thoughts.

Making fail2ban work on systemd Gentoo

I have been transferring all of my websites and services from my Arch Docker setup to a baremetal Gentoo box, but got tripped up when setting up fail2ban.

Purging Twitter

In my series of purging my content on proprietary platforms I don’t align with anymore, the next on the chopping block is Twitter. Just like GitHub, I have several personal reasons why I’m not supporting Twitter any longer.

Moving Away from GitHub

Over the past few hours I did some serious cleaning up on my GitHub account, I basically removed every single original repository I had.

Astra 0.4.0 is released!

I’m very sorry about the delay, but a new release of Astra is upon us!

Figure Review: YoRHa No. 2 Type B Illustrious (FLARE Reissue)

Today we’re reviewing the Flare reissue of the YoRHa No. 2 Type B released by Square Enix, a company that despite being very, very controlling of their merchandise has the absolute worst online store ever.

Follow-up: Move to Sourcehut

This is a follow-up post to my blog post detailing the changes I’ve made to how my source code is hosted.

Prism Changelog: May 2021 to March 2022

It’s uh, been a while since the last Prism changelog :-) Haha, well there’s as always a ton of interesting changes to go over!

Move to Sourcehut

Recently I’ve moved pretty much all of my repositories over to sourcehut!

Opening KAddressBook Addresses With KDE Marble

This is probably the most specific use case I’ll ever post on this blog :-p I noticed whenever I click an address in KAddressBook, it opens it in OpenStreetMap in your web browser by default. Huh?

Silica Viewer is now available on the App Store!“Silica Viewer” just landed on the macOS App Store today! You can check out more information on it’s dedicated webpage.
Vulkan Portability Initiative: The Death of My GFX Abstractions?

In under an hour, I was able to port my already existing Vulkan code from Prism to Metal using MoltenVK.

Figure Review: Mari Makinami Illustrious (Sega LPM)

Hello again! This is my figure review of the Mari Figure from Sega.

Trinity Re-release

So around 2018 I was busy writing my own Matrix client, as anyone does. It was called Trinity, and it featured a Discord-like interface.

Prism Changelog: February and April 2021

These two months contain some pretty big changes I made to Prism, following a short hiatus from the project. These include some pretty important changes to the project moving forward and I hope to keep documenting these in this nice and concise, visual way in the future!