Astra 0.4.0 is released!

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I’m very sorry about the delay, but a new release of Astra is upon us!

I have been working hard to get the Flatpak repository working (after some very troubling GPG issues) but the installation process is now refined enough that it’s a one-click installation from the website. I hope Steam Deck users will enjoy the Flatpak, and I plan on making more exciting changes soon - such as Steam Proton support, Steam login, and a proper controller interface :-)

You can read the full patch notes here. Please note that I have pushed a quick bugfix update (0.4.1) for users that might have already downloaded a version of 0.4.0. Linux users are recommended to update as it fixes an issue with case-sensitive filesystems. Astra is now available for Linux (tarball or Flatpak), macOS and Windows, enjoy!