Moving Away from GitHub

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Over the past few hours I did some serious cleaning up on my GitHub account, I basically removed every single original repository I had.

I still need GitHub in order to contribute to some projects, so my forks are kept. For people trying to find my missing repositories, I added a profile README to direct people to my sourcehut instead.

There were many reasons why I ditched GitHub, a couple are detailed below:

  • I disliked the “social media” features that were just getting more and more prominent. I didn’t really care for these and I just saw it as introducing bloat and spam to the platform (cue small PRs just for a one line README change just to get a contribution award).
  • GitHub Copilot. Enough said.
  • GitHub is not free software.
  • Complexity in working, (this is my own fault) but having three remotes to worry about was getting in my way.

I will also be retiring git.ryne.moe (as a code archive) in order to reduce friction while working. I plan on making changes, so I can have it pull my changes on sourcehut automatically, but that will come later. If you’re wondering why did I choose sourcehut over my own GitLab, it’s mostly because I don’t want to lose everything due to my own incompetence ;-)

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