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In my series of purging my content on proprietary platforms I don’t align with anymore, the next on the chopping block is Twitter. Just like GitHub, I have several personal reasons why I’m not supporting Twitter any longer.

  • Focus on algorithmic discovery as opposed to a simple, linear timeline.
  • Supporting NFTs which I don’t personally agree with.
  • There’s advertisements everywhere! So many ads!
    • What’s hilarious is that Twitter Blue (their premium subscription service…. to a multi-billion dollar company that doesn’t need more money) doesn’t seem to even remove these ads. What?? It only seems to remove ads on other websites.
  • There is so much notification spam - which is related to their insistence that they know what you like better than you do - and it’s purely just for the usual addiction factor.

I don’t even receive much traffic on the site and I managed to completely cut off my Twitter addiction over the past couple of years, so I think this is the best time to do this. Right now my Twitter profile is set to private, as I still need it for DMs and my Knockout login, but I plan to completely sunset it sometime next year. If you still wish to read my microblogs, you can follow me from any ActivityPub-compliant service such as Mastodon/Pleroma/Pixelfed, etc at @redstrate@pyra.sh.

Mastodon account
Mastodon account

All of my previous tweets are now deleted however there was some Twitter-exclusive artwork that I didn’t realize wasn’t posted anywhere else, so I did some reorganizing of my gallery!

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