New Year, New Website

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Update: Almost everything since this blog post has changed. Oops :')

By “new year”, I mean almost 2 and a half months late into the New Year before the website is actually usable.

I had plenty of problems with my old website, namely because I was handwriting the HTML and CSS by hand. The maintenance was excruciating as I had to SSHFS into my server and update the files there. Because of certain CORS restrictions, testing it locally was also a pain, and involved swapping through multiple Visual Studio Code extensions as well to find one that allowed local testing! Eventually the website just fell into disrepair as it was just too much of a pain to actually update frequently. For example, I was never able to add a “Programming Projects” page that I desperately needed.

Now the website is running entirely on Amazon services (for better or for worse), using Hugo to deploy from a private Github repo to a S3 bucket which is then read by a Caddy server running on a EC2 instance. The website’s domain is also run by Route 53, for maximum Amazon(tm) effort! The fact that I can run a blog just by writing markdown and pushing to a git repository speaks volumes about how much faster the workflow that this new website allows.

I chose this setup for a variety of reasons:

  • Wanted to able to minimize use of Javascript (Hugo is a static website generator)
  • Clean URLS (Caddy automatically removes these)
  • Free HTTPS (Caddy using Let’s Encrypt)
  • All-in-one dashboard solution (AWS)

I’m still in the process of updating the new website’s style to be closer to the old one, and I’m writing the theme myself.