Website is back up and running!

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Following a month or so where the website was just down, the website is now live again!

This blog post documents some of the changes I made to the website to make it slightly more usable:

Previously I used some third-party CDN for hosting these two libraries, now that’s changed. Also the jQuery version is up-to-date.

Screenshot showing locally hosted libraries

The site is no longer using your browser’s terrible built-in font

Right now i’m using Open Sans, but that’s probably going to change in the future. The font is also self-hosted, and not taken off of Google’s Font CDN.

Exact post dates and post tags are visible

Previously this wasn’t exposed (instead, only the general categorized years were shown). Now they are, enjoy!

Image alt text and title are filled in for cases where accessibility software might need it. For people who don’t use those, this means you also get tooltip text:

Contact section is actually filled

For some reason I never got around to filling these links out. Now they are, but I still lack an actual email to put here, I hope to address that soon!