I host downloads for things that I either want to archive, or worried we might lose.

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Source Map Archive


I host a mirror of the Source Map Archive, provided by some users on Knockout!

TF2 2012 Main Menu

This is a redistribution of CblpBoPTy’s TF2 mod series unofficially called “PotatoHud”.

screenshot of the main menu
screenshot of the main menu

Unfortunately, they have stopped modding:

“hi, i closed the projects and don’t do modding anymore. I lost the necessary knowledge, and now I can not update my mods, besides, there were many bugs that I could not fix. I don’t play tf2 much anymore and games in general. I am doing a different job. Sorry friend, but there will be no more updates.” (from their Steam profile)

Unfortunately I like their HUDs too much for it to go to waste, so fortunately there was one version they forgot to private and I have it permanently archived here. Right now, their mod is licensed under “Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 4.0 Unported” so while I can technically redistribute this version, I cannot modify it. However the mod still works on recent game versions as of Scream Fortress 2022.

XC2 Graphics Settings Mod

This is a romfs mod that tweaks the graphics settings of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. By default the game looks over-sharpened and downscales the image a lot. This is especially problematic for emulators since you typically want a better image quality than the Switch.

This work was originally pioneered on GBATemp but I wanted to archive my own version, tweaked specifically for emulation. The original file is based off of the “Raw Image > Max 720p” preset included in the original Profiles.zip.

You can download it here.

Vanilla Armor Refit Collection

My first FFXIV mod, to refit all of the badly weight painted female armor in the game. You can read more about it on xiv.zone!