Collection of random FFXIV gubbins.

WINE Install Guide (TexTools/XIVQuickLauncher)

I honestly don’t like using Lutris, but fortunately right now it’s possible to get a working setup without it! Please use the latest Wine Staging as it’s not possible on Wine stable (at the time of writing.)

  • Install FFXIV as normal. Make sure to try to launch the regular launcher at least once, and change the BrowserType to 0 in FFXIV_boot.cfg.
  • Install XIVLauncher as normal (you must disable in-game addons right now since hooking is broken in Wine :-( ) If the install or launching fails, then you’re not on the latest Wine Staging like I told you to do.
  • Use FFMT to install your modpacks. If you use Arch, it’s also available in the AUR as ffmt-bin. Make sure to run ffmt setup first, otherwise it will fail unless you really want to input the paths as arguments each time. Please note for former TexTools users that FFMT will require you to have working index backups so make sure your FFXIV is vanilla at first.

Tip: If you plan to use FFMT, please use XIVLauncher in tandem. Not only is there a good chance the old browser option will be dropped in Endwalker or close to it, but also XIVLauncher will warn you before installing a patch. This is needed as you need to uninstall your mods before patching.

Yes, that’s really all you need to do. Thanks, Wine!

Quest/FATE References

Here’s a list of references I’ve picked up on, almost all of the quest and FATE names are referencing something so of course this isn’t comprehensive.

  • FATE: The Orange Boxes - Middle La Noscea
    • Reference to Valve’s The Orange Box.
  • FATE: Hello, Work - Middle La Noscea
    • Reference to “Hello, world!” a common first program.