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Matrix Update If any Matrix admins are reading this, I have a quick update at what’s happening to my two old matrix servers: redstrate.com and ryne.moe. These servers are now defunct and if you are seeing any users from them, I recommend either blacklisting the servers on an ACL or just kicking them - but there’s no current Synapse server actually backing them so they shouldn’t be able to perform any actions anyway.
Purging Twitter In my series of purging my content on propietary platforms I don’t align with anymore, the next on the chopping block is Twitter. Just like GitHub, I have several personal reasons why I’m not supporting Twitter any longer:
Moving Away from GitHub Over the past few hours I did some serious cleaning up on my GitHub account, I basically removed every single original repository I had. I still need GitHub in order to contribute to some projects, so my forks are kept.
Astra 0.4.0 is released! I’m very sorry about the delay, but a new release of Astra is upon us! I have been working hard to get the Flatpak repository working (after some very troubling GPG issues) but the install process is now refined enough that it’s a one-click install from the website.
Follow-up: Move to Sourcehut This is a follow-up post to my blog post detailing the changes I’ve made to how my source code is hosted. Basically, I’m trying to move away from GitHub for my primary code hosting to a (in my opinion, better suited for me) platform.
Move to Sourcehut Recently I’ve moved pretty much all of my repositories over to sourcehut! This is a huge change, as I haven’t changed my primary code hosting provider, Github, since 2-3 years ago.
Silica Viewer is now available on the App Store! “Silica Viewer” just landed on the macOS App Store today! You can check out more information on it’s dedicated webpage.
Trinity Re-release So around 2018 I was busy writing my own Matrix client, as anyone does. It was called Trinity, and it featured a Discord-like interface: "Screenshot" from Trinity. Note: This is a very old screenshot, and later versions of the client looked much better than this.