Trinity Re-release

So around 2018 I was busy writing my own Matrix client, as anyone does. It was called Trinity, and it featured a Discord-like interface:

"Screenshot" from Trinity.

Note: This is a very old screenshot, and later versions of the client looked much better than this. Unfortunately, I haven’t found any later screenshots.

This was written in Qt5 and QML, and even though I’m testing this ~3 years later - the codebase will still work! Yes that’s right, thats a testament to my old programming ability, Qt backwards compatibility, and Matrix’s specification conformance. Pretty nice! For some reason, the directory and communities tab doesn’t work but I haven’t looked into why.

For historical purposes, it is now archived on my sourcehut, along with it’s old AUR package. You can read more on it’s project page.

Edit: I updated the source code links to their new home at sourcehut.