This is a non-comprehensive list of my programming projects. Most of them have their source code available as well!

Name Description Year
Silica Viewer Silica Viewer is a macOS app that can preview Procreate© Silica documents. 2021
Protean A simple Mastodon to Twitter poster for my own art related use. This is one of my first Go and Twitter projects, and i’m actually using it for @redstrate! 2021
Red's Avatar Tools A Blender addon for automatically exporting avatars to Unity VRChat projects! Supports CATs for automatic baking of models. 2021
Prism Prism is a 3D engine that allows for the development of graphics applications across multiple platforms. This is pretty much the summary of all my graphics dev learning up to this point, and is the culmination of several of my own projects. 2020
Procreate Viewer Note: This has been superseded by Silica Viewer. macOS app and QuickLook plugin for viewing Procreate documents. 2020
Raytracer This is a very basic raytracer written in C++. It features OBJ model support, multithread rendering, and naive indirect sampling. 2020
Mobilefort A SwiftUI app to decode and show Pillowfort feeds. 2020
Gallery A local media gallery. You can import images and videos, and even tag them for searching and filtering. 2020
CHIP-8 A chip8 emulator that I implemented in C++. It only implements the SCHIP instruction set, and can play many modern roms found online. There’s a basic memory viewer and debugger available as well. 2020
Trinity My old Discord-like Matrix client. Written around ~2018, it had seen some popularity and even had an AUR package written for it! Unfortunately I could only recover an older version of the source code, but it’s still completely functional today. 2018
XT Very old OpenGL game engine. The only surviving screen showcases transform handles, editor thumbnail previews, and some cubemapping. Oh, and of course the editor is Unity-like. 2016