Silica Viewer

This app enables you to view your Procreate© artwork on your Mac! Includes thumbnail and Quick Look previews as well.

Silica Viewer Screenshot

You can download it on the Mac App Store, linked below.

Download on the Mac App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you view timelapses?

A: Yes you can! Once you open up a document, look under the View menu where you’ll find a View Timelapse option. A new window will show and begins playing your timelapse.

You can also export your timelapses, under the File menu.

Q: Can I see how long I’ve spent on an artwork?

A: Yes you can! Once you open up a document, look under the View menu where you’ll find a View Info option. A popup will show that says how much time you’ve spent and some other statistics about your artwork.

Q: Can I see the full version of my canvas?

A: Yes! Silica Viewer renders your canvas just like the Procreate© app does and even lets you export your art at full-size resolution. This feature is located under the File menu, named "Export...". "Export Thumbnail..." is available if you’re just interested in the low-quality thumbnail provided by Procreate© (the same image visible in the Gallery view).

Please note that this feature is still under development, there may be edge cases where your art may look inaccurate. Please report any problems and bugs to In this case, the "Export Thumbnail..." may be helpful to you. Please note that at this time, The Quick Look and Thumbnail extensions of Silica Viewer use the Procreate© provided thumbnail image which may differ from what you see in Silica Viewer.

Q: How much does Silica Viewer cost?

A: Silica Viewer only costs $0.99 USD. I don’t control the foriegn prices that are shown by the App Store.

Q: Can I buy this somewhere other than the Mac App Store?

A: Not at the moment.

Q: What data does Silica Viewer collect?

A: Silica Viewer collects no data and no analytics. More information is available in my imprint.

Q: Is there a Windows or Linux version planned?

A: Not at the moment.

Q: My thumbnails aren’t generating!

A: If you’ve just installed Silica Viewer, please allow some time for macOS to start creating thumbnails. This is something I can’t control, but on my system it takes about 1-2 minutes for it to start creating thumbnails for my documents.

Q: Nothing is working! Please help!

A: Because of how macOS functions, it might be necessary to open up Silica Viewer at least once to register the file type assocations. In the worst case scenario, restart your Mac. If none of that works and you think it is a bug, please contact me at

Q: Why does Silica Viewer cost money? Can I get a version for free?

A: It costs money because I need to eat! If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, please look at it’s open-source counterpart. It is no longer being updated, and comes with no support. It also requires knowledge of compiling the app yourself.

Just one dollar is more than enough money to at least show your appreciation that a tool like this exists :-)

There are multiple other open source Procreate tools linked in that repository as well, so please check them out!

Procreate® is a registered trademark of Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. Silica Viewer and its developer has no affiliation with Savage Interactive Pty Ltd.

The app itself has no references to copyrighted or trademarked material from Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. The app has been developed without reverse-engineering of the actual Procreate© app developed by Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. All information gleaned from the Silica Document format has been collected through public Apple APIs and other legal means.