Realm of Chaos

Source Codehttps://git.sr.ht/~redstrate/realm-of-chaos
Year Created
TagsC++, Game

Rogue-like game with a couple of interesting features.

This is my attempt at building a rogue-like game for the first time, but I’m pretty happy with its feature set. The whole thing is still full of programmer art.

Screenshot of one the game areas
Screenshot of one the game areas

For example, it features multiplayer that is actually turn-based but does function! There’s also a dynamic lighting system that can be interacted with in-game by picking up or throwing a torch - for example.

The combat is also based on hacking off parts of your victim, but you could also try to influence them by talking and interacting with them. The AI is advanced enough to also chase after you, utilizing A* pathfinding.

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