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Finally, you can view your Procreate© artwork on your Mac! It also includes thumbnail and Quick Look previews as well for use in Finder.

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Silica Viewer Screenshot
Silica Viewer Screenshot

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see my timelapse?

Yes you can! Once you open up a document, look under the View menu where you’ll find a View Timelapse option. A new window will show and begins playing your timelapse.

You also have the ability to export your timelapses, under the File menu. Right now it is limited to your full timelapse, but this will be addressed in a major update.

Can I see how long I’ve spent on my artwork?

Yes you can! Once you open up a document, look under the View menu where you’ll find a View Info option. A popup will show that says how much time you’ve spent and some other statistics about your artwork.

Are you displaying my artwork in it’s full resolution?

Yes! Silica Viewer can render your canvas just like the Procreate© app does and even lets you export your art at full-size resolution.

Can Silica Viewer export my artwork as PSD so I can save my layers?

Yes it can! Please note that mask layers will not show up as proper mask layers, but it will still retain the pixel data so you can fix it yourself. This functionality will be fixed in a future minor update.

Help, my colors look off even when I export it to another format!

The lack of proper color profiling is one of the last missing features of Silica Viewer. Right now I don’t perform any color transformations manually, so you may be able to manually convert color spaces in your preferred image editor.

This functionality will be addressed in a future major update.

How much does Silica Viewer cost?

Silica Viewer is $0.99 on the Mac App Store, solely to help cover the costs of my Apple Developer license. Thank you for purchasing my software, it means a lot to me :-)

Is there a free or demo version?

I do not provide an official binary outside of the App Store, for the reasons above. However, the code is fully open-source, and you can find it here. It should build out of the box in Xcode.

Can I purchase Silica Viewer somewhere else?

I do not have any plans to sell Silica Viewer anywhere else at the moment.

Does this app collect any data?

No! The only analytics I recieve (and I cannot turn off) is those collcted by Apple - such as crash reports. The app is designed to work inside of the secure macOS sandbox. More information is available in my imprint.

Is there a Windows or Linux version planned?

Not at the moment.

Why are my thumbnails not generating?

If you’ve just installed Silica Viewer, please allow some time for macOS to start creating thumbnails. This is something I can’t control, but on my system it takes about 1-2 minutes for it to start creating thumbnails for my documents.

Nothing is working! Please help!

If you encounter any issues, bugs, and have bought Silica Viewer from the Mac App Store - please contact me at josh@redstrate.com.

Procreate® is a registered trademark of Savage Interactive Pty Ltd. Silica Viewer and its developer has no affiliation with Savage Interactive Pty Ltd.

Silica Viewer has no reference, or references to any trademarked material belonging to Savage Interactive Pty Ltd.

Silica Viewer uses only public Apple APIs.

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