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TagsSM64, N64, C, C++

My fork of sm64-port

This is my personal fork of sm64-port. Why? Because it’s fun! I’m simply building on the great work already done by other people.

Older WIP screenshot without blending support
Older WIP screenshot without blending support

Differences from sm64-port

Since I’m primarily a Linux user, I’m prioritizing Linux usage above everything else. I have already fixed a bunch of Linux-specific bugs that I encountered (vsync timer issues, pulseaudio sync issues, and more). Stuff that does not relate to this goal is bound to be removed or unmaintained (Windows support, native N64 support, etc.), and there are better forks if you’re looking for support of that stuff.

Oh yeah, I’m also building a Vulkan backend for the N64 renderer :-) By default OpenGL is used, but you can force Vulkan by passing -vulkan when running the game.

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